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Brief historical summary of the beginnings of the Argentinian Grill



You could say that this story begins somewhere in the late 70’s, in Caracas, Venezuela, where Mr. Luis and Mrs. Lidia, my parents, decided to travel to that city and come up with this idea to manufacture Argentinean empanadas in Venezuela.

This is where the first Family Company is established “Industria de Alimentos La Porteña” , which together with my parents and my wife, Marta, is that we introduce and have therefore distributed to all of the people in Caracas our Traditional Argentinian empanadas. This company, is to this day, still functioning under different owners. The years passed until in the year 2009, this Family History is reborn, this time around with my son, Mike, and here in Boca Raton, Florida, in which the empanadas, once again, became a “Favorite” within the Latin and American people, due to the fact that most of them had never even tried the Argentinian Style Empanadas.

Later on, there have been more and more additions to the menu, like for example the already famous Steak Sandwiches with Chimi Churri sauce, the juicy, delicious and tender steaks, or the queen of the Entrees, the great “Parrilla”, a combination of the best cuts of our meat, slowly cooked to the best Argentinian style. 
The history continues to repeat itself as it's been several years already of constant personalized service to our clients, one in which the person visiting our Restaurant, forgets that he/she is “the client from table 3” but more so a “friend of the house” with name and last name. We strive to avoid formality and always perform with the highest of standards offering the best that is within us, wishing not only that you enjoyed a wonderful meal, but even more so that you lived a wonderful and unforgetable moment with your family and friends.

With much gratitude,


      Luis Rossi

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